TAT Outfits


TAT Outfits is an International B2C fast fashion E-commerce platform. TAT Outfits was established in 2014 based in Bangladesh. The company produces men and women clothing in its two factories with closed area of 56,000 m2 and more than 100 employees work to always offer our customers the best. From collections to service. Our team consist of highly motivated profesionals with relevant expertise and certification.

TAT Outfits provides an extensive collection of top international brands for Men’s and Womens wear covering business wear, casual outfits, athleisurewear and elegant eveningwear. TAT Outfits also offers premium traditional attire. Our claim: no matter what the day brings, our customers should be perfectly dressed in every situation and for every occasion. Shoes, bag, accessories and beauty categories, as well as licensed products such as fragrances, eyewear and watches round off the range.

It is the vision of the company to develop and market innovative products and services that have unparalleled advantages over existing solutions and to recognize and satisfy unmet needs for fashion in a changing world. Hereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and highest level of customer support and professional services.


TAT Outfits stands for Authentic, best in Quality, Trendy and Affordable. Its objective is to further consolidate its position as a leading international fashion group and grow with its brands. TAT Outfits implements stringent design and quality standards to produce superior products that deliver value for money. The brand for modern, self-assured men and women with their own individual styles. All the brand collections adhere to a lifestyle philosophy featuring a distinctive brand signature and operates as a e-commerce store in Bangladesh. The company was founded by Tanzina Afrin in December 2014.

Our Mission

Fashion is a part of life. Your dress can tell the history your whole day. It’s a part of your sadness, it’s a part of your happiness. Even your dress can say who you are. So it’s not a simple piece of cloth rather it’s a canvas where you can express your emotions with the help of colours and love. Our mission is to be that canvas of your life.

Our Vision

“Tradition” is not only a simple word rather its a chronicle tree of a nation. Tradition never gets old rather it gets affluent with the passage of time. We want to hold up that affluent tradition through the world of fashion.

why we are different

A single piece of cloth can tell the whole story of your imagination. We are the reality of your imagination.